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Floor Finishing
  • Living/Dining: Natural stone

  • Open Kitchen: Natural stone

  • Wet Kitchen: Homogenous Tile

  • Bedrooms: Timber strip flooring

  • Yard/ store: Homogenous Tile

  • Master bathroom/ Powder room: Natural stone & Homogenous Tile

  • Common bathrooms: Homogenous tile

  • Living/Dining/Kitchen: Plaster and emulsion paint

  • Master bedroom/Bedroom: Plaster and emulsion paint

  • Master bath/Common bath: Natural stone/ Homogenous Tile

  • Powder room: Natural stone/Homogenous Tile

  • External walls: Combination of reinforced concrete/plaster paint/natural stone/ timber/glass

  • Ceiling board with paint / moisture resistant board to kitchen and bathrooms

  • Aluminium fixed and sliding panels at living/dining to terrace

  • Aluminium side sliding panels to bedrooms/kitchen


a)Master bathroom

  • Long bath with bath/shower mixer

  • Shower screen with mixer/handset c/w sliding rod

  • Vanity top with basin/mixer/under counter cabinetry

  • Water closet

  • Towel rail

  • Toilet-roll holder

b)Common bathroom

  • Shower screen with mixer/handset c/w sliding rod

  • Vanity top with basin/mixer/under counter cabinetry

  • Water closet

  • Towel rail

  • Toilet-roll holder

c)Powder room

  • Vanity top with basin/mixer/under counter cabinetry

  • Water closet

  • Towel rail

  • Toilet-roll holder

  • Solid timber door to main entrance

  • Timber flushed door to bedrooms/bathrooms/wet kitchen

  • Aluminium or timber door leading to yard

  • Good quality imported lock-sets and handles to all doors

  • Kitchen cabinets: Custom made kitchen cabinets with sink/drawers/wall units with adjustable shelves

  • Each unit will be equipped with high-quality hardware fittings;

    • Sink & Taps in Wet Kitchen

    • Sink & Taps in Dry Kitchen

Kitchen Appliances
  • Brandt, De Dietrich or equivalent;

    • Dishwasher

    • Hob with Backsplash

    • Extractor

    • Oven

    • 2 Fridges (1 in dry kitchen, 1 in wet kitchen)

    • Washing Machine

    • Dryer

    • Ceiling Airer (in wet kitchen)

  • Built-in with high-quality hardware and fittings and laminated finish

  • Built-in wardrobes to all bedrooms

  • Shoes and Utility cabinets are provided with the similar built-in quality fittings and finishing

Residence Unit

Common Areas

Floor Finishing
  • Swimming pool: Ceramic tile

  • Swimming pool deck: timber strip timber

  • Gym: Specialised rubber gym flooring

  • Function room: Homogenous tile

  • Staircases: Reinforced concrete with nosing tile

  • Changing rooms: Homogenous tile

  • Lift lobbies: Natural stone

Fitness and Recreational
  • Swimming pool and pool terrace

  • Fully equipped fitness room in well-designed features with modern high-quality fitness equipments

  • Changing rooms

  • Function room

  • Management office

  • Residents Secure Storage

  • Gym: Plaster and paint/ Mirror

  • Function room: Plaster and Paint

  • Lift lobbies: Plaster and paint

  • Changing rooms: Plaster and paint/ Homogenous tile

Driveway & Carpark
  • Parking for residents and visitors

  • Parking spaces for 46 cars are provided

  • External driveway: Natural stone

  • Internal driveway: reinforced concrete with floor hardener/ epoxy paint

Property Services

  • Private lift lobbies for each unit.

  • Security access control in all lifts.

Electrical and Security System
  • Advanced access control with securitized digital key card to main lobby and in all lifts

  • 24-hour on-site security guards, with CCTV monitoring and recording

  • Energy efficient LED down lights in all residential units

  • Emergency power supply for all common areas, essential systems and lifts

  • Standby generator

Air Conditioning System
  • Concealed installation throughout the internal private and common areas

Television, Telephone and Internet System
  • TV outlet provided in living area and bedrooms

  • Telephone outlets provided in living area

  • FTTX fiber optic provided in all residential units to enable high-speed internet

Lightning Protection
  • All apartment blocks are provided with lightning protection system which has been designed in compliance with local regulations

Water Protection
  • Waterproofing provided for reinforced concrete flat roof/ bathrooms/terraces/ kitchen/yard

  • Waterproofing to swimming pool and all water features

*Specifications are subject to change at any time at Developer's discretion.

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